People / Transfer

Michael Haines
Head of Transfer

Michael joined Factory in 2015, starting as a runner and progressing into the Transfer Department.

Michael has a keen ear and a passion for audio post and music production. He studied Sound Engineering at the School of Sound Recording and the University of Salford where he achieved BSc & MSc level degrees respectively.

Having worked with musicians and producers of varying musical styles, Michael has developed a rich skill set spanning a wide range of audio engineering disciplines.

Harry Boyce
Transfer Engineer

Since learning the bass at the age of 14, Harry has played in numerous bands while developing a keen interest for writing, performance, sound engineering and audio-production. Having secured a Triple Distinction Diploma in Music Technology from Leamington Spa, Harry moved to Leeds where he achieved a First in Music Technology (BSc) from Leeds Metropolitan. Following a talk in his second year from a prolific post-production sound engineer, Harry decided it was the route for him and dedicated his time to developing the required skills.

Harry joined Factory in 2015 and instantly applied his creative skills as a former sous chef in the Factory kitchen. If you're lucky, you may get to sample one of his legendary culinary creations!

Mike Hitches
Transfer Assistant

After an inspiring University talk from one of Factory's leading sound engineers, Mike decided to channel his energies towards a career in audio post production.

After gaining a BSc in Engineering from the University of Westminster, Mike joined the Factory team in 2016 where he is now a part of our transfer team.

He continues to explore his passion for music and sound though various compostion projects. Recently Mike was licenced to compose the score for a short film that was produced here at Factory, his work went on to pick up gold for 'best original compostition' at the 2017 Kinsale Shark Awards!

George Patterson
Junior Transfer Assistant

George has always been enthusiastic about music. Having achieved a 1st class degree in Creative Music Technology from the University of Hull, he knew that his passion lay with Audio Post-Production.

It was during his degree that he was first introduced to creating, recording and mixing music; confirming his passion of all things audio.

After completing his studies and moving back to his hometown of Belfast, George felt that London would be the best place to begin his career and joined Factory as a member of the running team.

George can often be found making weird and wonderful sounds with synths, playing frisbee and attending lots of gigs.

He is most proud of his extensive jumper collection.